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Start your journey with a single jump and you’ll be bouncing and jumping to the beat of the music for the rest of it. Whether you are just beginning to get your exercise routine started or are a seasoned veteran looking to find an exciting exercise concept, these boots make the whole process easy and safe in an unmatched feeling of power, thrill and lightness. They will not only strengthen your cardiovascular system, but also train and strengthen your core, legs and glutes.

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Kangoo Jumps deliver a safe, easy to follow and fun workout that will burn a lot of calories and get you into a great shape fast. Have fun while getting in shape!

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Kangoo Jumps is a sport that explores, develops, and integrates the body, mind, and spirit. This type of aerobics is created to systematically stretch and strengthen the muscles throughout the body, increase circulation of internal organs and glands through various cardio moves, to quiet the nervous system by offering many relaxing trainings, to improve concentration, lose weight, gain a better health and inner satisfaction.
Kangoo Jumps is a great workout, which provides many health benefits for everyone and for all ages. Kangoo boots are made for protection against bangs and have a low snap up to 80% on impact with the ground (that absorbs shock).
Security is provided by elliptical springs and straps, which extend. Arches extend at every step (from the tip to heel) and, when you are not stepping, they come back to their original position.
The Kangoo Jumps classes are fun and enjoyable!
These help in weight loss, stimulate the lymphatic system and strengthen all the muscles groups.

Reducing the impacts by up to 80%, the Kangoo boots provide efficient protection to your ankles, knees, shins, hips, lower back and spine. Prescribed plyometric exercise drills with Kangoo Jumps’ provide a very safe, efficient environment for Youth Athletes. KJ’s provide half the impact to joints while providing more work, yet faster recovery, and fewer setbacks due to overuse injury. They train simultaneously all your body muscles (ref. NASA study on rebound exercise.). They increase your endurance drastically, as well as balance and agility (stimulate proprioceptors intensely). They make training enjoyable, thus increase your motivation. Creating a series of exercises using innovative Kangoo Jumps can save considerable amounts of workout time as well. Oxygen consumption is significantly increased while the cardiovascular and glandular systems are optimized. Training and cross training can continue, indoors and outdoors, throughout the year.

Sport Medicine Doctors recommend Kangoo Jumps for rehabilitation after injuries or surgery. The benefit most sport doctors name is that Kangoo Jumps are a powerful strength & conditioning product that allows patients to continue a healthy rehabilitation / exercise regimen without the risk of over training. And Kangoo Jumps help prevent further injuries. Physiotherapists recommend Kangoo Jumps for rehabilitation after sport related injuries, to assist in the rehabilitation / healing process involved with stiff ankles, lower back and spine pain, as well as for many more specific conditions. Chiropractors recommend Kangoo Jumps for spinal exercise, which has always been the cornerstone of chiropractic-based rehabilitation programs. Kangoo Jumps seem to be ideal for spinal strengthening, optimum postural positioning, mechanoreceptor / proprioception / balance, coordination, flexibility, and intervertebral disc health through spinal pumping with the minimal possible impact. General Practitioners recommend Kangoo Jumps to correct and/or prevent health problems like obesity, cardiovascular condition, depression, constipation, back pain, bladder weakness, lack of energy, immune system deficiency, postnatal exercise etc. Ophthalmologists believe that rebound exercise enhances vision, as discussed in the book “Jumping for Health” by Dr. Morton Walker. Pediatricians recommend Kangoo Jumps (only for children from age 6 and above) to enhance coordination, increase spatial awareness, improve self-image, create positive energy and motivation levels, facilitate the learning process and concentration, fight obesity. Kangoo Jumps are also being used successfully with autistic and Down’s syndrome children. Orthopedists recommend Kangoo Jumps to reduce pain and to prevent joint problems.


Interesting facts about the Kangoo Jumps Fitness Programs

  • N.A.S.A state that Kangoo Jumps is one of the best sports because, as they said: “jumping exercises are the most effective and useful exercises invented by man”.
  • There were studies conducted on the Kangoo Jumps for over 13 years! The sport the is constantly improved by specialists to make it more safe and effective for people.
  • Kangoo Jumps can be practiced in various ways: by walking, by running, in classes, by dancing, etc.
  • It is recommended for people with health problems, such as injuries, back pain, obesity, osteoporosis, etc.